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I review cool gear that comes my way.



Live Stream Public VOTE & GIVEAWAYS. Vlogging in Public Challenge @telesin
Live Stream Public VOTE & GIVEAWAYS. Vlogging in Public Challenge @telesin
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GoPro Hero 11 battery for more longevity and cold temps!
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iContact 1080p Webcam.. something DIFFERENT and INNOVATIVE
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My Story


Hey there, I’m Danny.


I’m originally from Michigan USA, and I have travelled across the globe working on cruise ships (as a musician) & have explored the USA and Australia on multiple tours. In 2016 I decided I needed an outlet to document my travels and so Youtube became the answer. Originally I started as a travel vlogger, my channel (and popularity) grew as subscribers loved to watch & follow the ups and downs of my journeys. In more recent times travelling has not been as accessible and therefore my channel has had an organic transformation into tech and gear reviewing which is what a lot of people resonate with. I love to review cool gear such as action cameras, camera accessories (gimbles, filters etc.) drones, and personal electric vehicles.


I have a fast paced, “no fluff” & down to earth style, which I think appeals to a wide audience and makes me relatable to my subscribers.


Also, my dog (Whiskey) featured in many of my videos, is pretty cute too!

My Life

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