Professional Lighting setup for a low cost. 🥷 Ninja 300

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So here it is. Finally, I have one of those cool lights. Like I see all the big creators on YouTube using, but let's just see if it's everything it's cracked up to be.

My name is Danny Black and I love to review cool gear that comes my way. Links to everything I'm talking about will be down in the description with a coupon code. So do check that out. First things first, I love the whole Weey lite system because they have a lot of different kinds of lights from your small pocket lights to your bigger lights and ring lights. And they're all easily controlled from the app or with the remote control. But here it is. This is the Weey lite Ninja 300. They didn't have their softbox in stock, but they do have an adapter to work with any bow and softbox. So I bought one from Nuer, which was a little bit bigger than I anticipated, but it does the job.

So when you buy the Ninja 300 let me just tell you what comes in the box. You get a case of this nice quality which is perfect for transporting, you get the Ninja 300, the lampshade, a power cord, and I have their softbox adapter. The light itself has high CRI dual con bulbs. It's small but has 80 watts of power and 7800 luminous flux. It has an intuitive display to navigate around. And that also includes 13 effects modes like lightning, fireworks, TV, things like that. A quiet exhaust fan to keep it cool and last longer. And it won't be interfering in your shots.

You can either run this off the power or if you have their web to battery adapter, you can run this off Sony batteries. You can control it on the light, with your smartphone app, or with the remote. And to be honest, the price is good for this. To get the Ninja 300 comes in under $136. And with my coupon code and you'll save a little bit more. If you want something with more power and more temperature control, you can step up to the Ninja 400. And for the 400 models with 150 Watts, it comes in at $399. So if you do need that extra power and wattage, you could step it up to that, or I mean, you could just get two 300s and save some money. Also, I put a link to this newer softbox in case you're interested.

I recommend getting the light one however, it's just not in stock yet. But when it is in stock, they have a really good deal right now where you can get a handle, the remote control Weey light softbox, and more offer $229. Now, this is important for me because it's nice to have well-balanced lighting, especially if you are a little bit further away from the camera. It just works so well. Not to mention that it also looks a lot more professional commercially when you have something like this instead of a dinky light that you get at the hardware store.

Now obviously in future videos, I'm not going to have my softbox right there on my face. I just wanted to show you that I'm using it so that you know, but I like it a lot and it's going to look so great on future videos for me and other future projects. So again, check out the links in the description. I'm not trying to get you to spend your money. I'm just trying to show you what's out there so that you don't waste your money. But there we go.

Thanks for joining me on another product review. So stay tuned, and I'll see you next time.


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